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Enjoy the view !

At FENEX, we provide custom and oversized architectural, impact, and specialty windows, skylight and glazing.   Our products are designed to fit none-standard project while being impact-rated to provide unmatched safety and security.


Beyond the view, there is a vision of the future...

Our custom windows and skylights provide unique beauty, clarity and aesthetic for homes or businesses.

We have traveled the world to find the best materials and processes.  We are taking this knowledge and technology to create products and services that are unlike anything else available today. The partnerships we’ve created in the process allow us to increase our reach and capabilities exponentially, making us an excellent source of custom oversized glass.

Our engineers work to meet design needs and expectations with the only limitation being... creativity! We provide custom shapes, sizes or curves to give any projects, a unique look and feel while also meeting any other specialty requirements, knowing that look isn't everything. We test our products to the limit, beyond the standards of the industry to ensure you are getting products of the highest quality. 


Full-Service Manufacturing Company

FENEX fabricates oversized windows and skylights that are produced in any shape or curve to meet custom design needs.  All of our glass is impact-rated and can be engineered to be bulletproof, fire-rated, or flood-rated.  We assist customers through the entire process from design, testing and installation.


Unique Product


Complete Engineering

Design & Certification

Product Testing &


Fabrication &


Lunch & Learns

and Webinars

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